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Amos Gewirtz aged 10

The Schmooseum was an idea conceived by those standing next to 10 year old Amos Gewirtz,
when he blurted out the word "Schmooseum!",
and we said 'Hey, a Website!"

Amos has just seen the website for the first time, he writes :
"I do remember the schmoozeum idea and I do like the website.
I think you should have a schmoozeum gallery of the kings and
queens of schmooze.
Love amos "

This is a great idea, so we will be opening a Schmooseum Gallery
of the Kings and Queens of Schmooze.

Here by the way are a couple of photos that Abi who is Amos's mother
sent to us that we thought you might like to see

They're selling lemonade, that's Amos in the middle
They look very professional and that lemonade looks good.
Surely these are the king and queens of schmooze?

Here is Amos again doing some serious writing



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